B&W tool.case LS-BOXX 306


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Product number: 118.01
EAN: 4031541727398
durable & robust
individual tool boards
patented divider system
two drawers
Product information "B&W tool.case LS-BOXX 306 "

The smart storage expert

Made of ABS thermoplastic resin, our LS-BOXX 306 can stand up to practically anything. The shells are strong, impact-resistant, and even scratchproof. Valuable contents are well protected even from moisture. The modular click-in system is a special feature of the LS-BOXX 306: The system allows multiple L-BOXXes to be connected and stacked together. For secure transport and quick access at all times, the Sortimo tool box can be firmly attached to vehicles with Sortimo vehicle equipment.

All features at a glance

  •     Rugged shell made of ABS plastic
  •     Sortimo LS-BOXX
  •     Splashproof
  •     With lid and front handles
  •     With modular click-in system
  •     Color: black

Innovative: the Sortimo organization system

The day-to-day work of craftsmen requires a lot of strength and endurance. To make this work easier and even more efficient, the Sortimo organization system was developed for vehicles, tool cases, and tool boxes. This special Sortimo system allows our tool.case LS-BOXX 306 to be integrated quickly and easily into vehicles with compatible Sortimo vehicle equipment. For secure transport, quick access, and more efficient working.

Numerous functions and storage options

Our LS-BOXX 306 offers numerous ways to store tools: The lid board has 10 pockets and loops; the bottom board inside the tool box is two-sided, with a total of 22 pockets and can be turned 180° when needed. The bottom board and lid board can be attached together with Velcro. Two practical drawers offer additional space for important tools and other materials.

With clever connection system

The modular click-in system allows two or more L-BOXXes to be easily and securely connected as needed. Our L-BOXX 136, for example, can conveniently be attached to the top of the LS-BOXX 306 for additional storage and transported. The LS-BOXX 306 also comes with a handle on the lid and on the front for variable car

The shown tools are not included in the delivery.

Type of article: Case
extremely robust
waterproof (IP67 certified)

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B&W tool.case L-BOXX 136 FG
Rugged and smart: the Sortimo L-BOXX 136 FG! Sturdy, impact-resistant and scratchproof: The L-BOXX 136 FG, made of durable ABS plastic, can withstand it all. Even splash water is no problem. The tool box has a modular click-in system with which multiple L-BOXXes can be stacked on one another practically and firmly connected together. Equipped with the Sortimo system, the L-BOXX 136 FG can be seamlessly installed in vehicles with Sortimo equipment. This ensures not only faster access but also secure transport and greater efficiency in day-to-day work.All features at a glance:    Rugged shell made of ABS plastic    Sortimo LS-BOXX    Splashproof    With handles on lid and front    With modular click-in system    Color: black    With shoulder strapAn organizational expert with the Sortimo systemTrade work often requires traveling some distance and always involves bringing heavy tools along. The innovative Sortimo system was developed to make everyday trade work easier and more efficient. A vehicle with Sortimo equipment and compatible tool cases and tool boxes provides not only swift access to the necessary tools but also secure transport. Our L-BOXX 136 FG comes with the Sortimo system, meaning it can readily be installed in vehicles with Sortimo equipment.32 pockets and loops in allWith a total of 32 pockets and loops, our L-BOXX 136 FG has enough storage space for all your tools and other materials. The lid board provides 10 pockets and is screwed onto the lid of the tool box. Another 22 pockets and loops are located on the main compartment board, which can be turned 180° and is double-sided. The main compartment board is attached to the lid board by Velcro.With clever modular click-in systemOne L-BOXX is not enough? No problem! A modular click-in system allows multiple L-BOXXes to easily be stacked and connected together. Our LS-BOXX 306, for example, can serve as a practical add-on box connected to the bottom of the L-BOXX 136 FG. Lid and front handles provide various ways to carry the L-BOXX 136. An optional shoulder strap can be attached to the tool box for additional carrying comfort.Tools shown are not included in the delivery.

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B&W tool.case JUMBO 6600
The tough companion for any job! The Jumbo 6600 lives up to its name and is a true tough.case. It withstands even the harshest conditions and protects its contents from impacts, dust, and splash water. All this makes this tool case a dependable, rugged companion for any job. The tool boards inside the case are neatly arranged and offer plenty of om for various tools. The main compartment can be customized with an aluminum divider system and thanks to two integrated magnetic trays, small parts such as screws also find their place. Highly practical: Two gas springs prevent the lid from slamming shut, guaranteeing easy access to tools. Casters and a telescoping handle make handling easy and transport comfortable.All features at a glance    Extremely sturdy case: shell made of polypropylene (PP)    With gas springs    Airworthy: automatic air pressure equalization valve    Stackable    Dustproof    Splashproof    Temperature-stable from -30 °C to 80 °C    Ergonomic two-component handle    Eyelets for padlock    Aluminum divider system    2 integrated magnetic trays for small parts    Foam insert optional    Color: black    With ownership labelSturdy, impact-resistant, and splashproofThe shell, made of rugged, sturdy polypropylene, ensures that the interior of the case is always protected against external influences. The Jumbo 6600 can even resist extreme temperatures, from -30 °C to 80 °C, making it a rugged, resilient companion for wherever the trip takes you.Spacious and organized, with custom featuresThe Jumbo 6600 can be fully customized, and the ownership label makes it clear beyond a doubt who owns the case and its contents. Specially installed eyelets also provide the option to use a padlock, keeping the contents where they belong and securely in the possession of the owner.Maximum mobilityMobile transport on two casters. This is what the Jumbo 6600 stands for, with two smooth-running casters and a telescoping handle for maximum flexibility. Meanwhile, the interior tool boards keep every tool where it belongs.The shown tools are not included in the delivery.

Temporarily out of stock
B&W tool.case JET 3000
Der Werkzeugkoffer für Extremeinsätze! Extrem robustes Material für extreme Arbeiten: Die tool.cases der tough.cases Serie sind speziell für Extrembereiche konzipiert und halten selbst widrigsten Umständen stand. Der JET 3000 erweist sich hierbei als robuster und multifunktionaler Werkzeugkoffer, der Handwerker, Techniker und Ingenieure bei Außeneinsätzen begleitet. Schläge und Stürze steckt das kleine Kraftpaket dank robustem Koffergehäuse aus Polypropylen mühelos weg und weist auch Feuchtigkeit zurück. Egal ob klirrende Kälte oder glühende Hitze – der JET 3000 hält stand und schützt durch seine strapazierfähige Schale jegliches Werkzeug.Alle Daten auf einen Blick:Extrem stabiler Koffer: Gehäuse aus Polypropylen (PP)Flugtauglich: automatisches LuftdruckausgleichsventilStapelbarStaubdichtVor Spritzwasser geschütztTemperaturstabil von -30 °C bis +80 °CErgonomischer Zwei-KomponentengriffÖsen für VorhängeschlossAlu-Trennsteg-SystemSchaumeinsatz optionalInnenausstattung variabelFarbe: schwarzMit TragegurtMit EigentumskennzeichnungDurch Luftdruckausgleichsventil weltweit einsetzbarAuch vor Flugreisen macht der JET 3000 keinen Halt. Das im Werkzeugkoffer integrierte Luftdruckausgleichsventil öffnet und schließt automatisch bei Veränderung des Luftdrucks. So rührt sich auch in schwindelerregenden Höhen mit geringem Luftdruck nichts im JET 3000 und er kann problemlos mitgenommen werden. Der Tragegurt sorgt für zusätzlichen Tragekomfort, besonders bei maximaler Zuladung von 20 kg. Damit der kostbare Inhalt des Koffers auch vor unerwünschten Blicken verschont bleibt, ist der JET 3000 mit Ösen für ein Vorhängeschloss ausgestattet.Mit 32 tool loops und patentiertem Alu-Trennsteg-SystemUnser tool.case JET 3000 bietet mit seinen 32 tool loops ausreichend Stauraum für verschiedenste Werkzeuge und Materialien. In den Werkzeugschlaufen findet jeder Schraubenzieher und jede Zange seinen Platz. Die Werkzeugtafeln im Deckel sowie zur Abdeckung der Bodenschale lassen sich praktischerweise herausnehmen. Das patentierte Alu-Trennsteg-System in der Bodenschale ist perfekt für größere und sperrigere Werkzeuge geeignet. Optional kann im JET 3000 ein Schaumstoffeinsatz eingelegt werden, um beispielsweise Akku-Bohrschrauber zusätzlich zu schützen.Stapelbar, staubdicht, wasserfestDurch seine extrem widerstandsfähige Schale lässt der JET 3000 keinen Staubkorn und keinen Spritzer Wasser an das verstaute Werkzeug. Darüber hinaus ist der tool.case durch seine ebene Oberfläche stapelbar und dadurch besonders leicht zu lagern.Das abgebildete Werkzeug ist nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.

Temporarily out of stock
B&W tool.case rhino
The rhino: the maneuverable powerhouse! Good tools often are not light. High-quality, functional material is heavy and can add up to major effort during transport. With our tool.case rhino, though, that is no problem: With its practical roller function, this maneuverable tool case can transport a variety of tools with ease, and an empty weight of just 7.8 kg allows for a superb load capacity of 35 kg. This means your pro tools can go with you and be used anywhere in the world: The lightweight, yet especially rugged high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell makes it possible to even take the case on airplanes.All features at a glance:    Shell made of airworthy high-density polyethylene (HDPE)    Rugged aluminum rim with reinforced corners    With two locking latches    With B&W PROcode combination lock    With roller function    Ergonomic B&W CONVENIENCE handle    Hinged lid    Safety lid holder    Variable main compartment    Inner dimensions: 485 x 373 x 192 mm    Volume: 42 L    Weight: 7.8 kg    Load capacity: 35 kg    A4 document pouch in lid    Available in two variants: rhino pockets and rhino MODULE    Color: black    With telescoping handle and smooth-running castersA tool vault you can pull behind youIt is not only the exceedingly smooth-running casters for transporting tools comfortably that make the tool.case rhino attractive: Equipped with two locking latches and a B&W PROcode combination lock, maximum security for your tools is guaranteed. Wherever you go, all of your tools will be right by your side.Maximum storage space for maximum organizationEvery tool is stored safely and neatly in the rhino. The numerous tool pockets and MODULE tool holders keep every wrench, hammer, Allen key, screwdriver, and any other tools where they belong. Open case, pick tool, and go. Chaos does not stand a change in the rhino.Available in two variants: rhino pockets and rhino MODULEOur tool.case rhino comes in the variants rhino pockets and rhino MODULE. rhino pockets consists of two removable tool boards, each with 23 tool pockets, and another removable tool board to cover the main compartment that has 15 tool pockets on one side. With a total of 38 pockets, every tool has a place. The rhino MODULE variant offers a removable tool board with six MODULE tool holders, a removable tool board with 23 tool pockets, and another removable tool board with three MODULE tool holders to cover the main compartment.The tools shown are not included in the delivery.

Variants from €296.31*